Friday, June 25, 2010

Football rules

Football (not the American kind) is a huge thing here. Especially now since the world cup is playing on African continent. Everyone is talking about it. People take tremendous pride of their African teams. Among them, Ghana is many people’s favorite.

Although not a football fan myself, that Sunday afternoon I was talked into watching a football game between Macha Sparrows (the team represents macha) and a team from another area. The football game was played on an open space of sand ground near the town market. The teams are supposedly professional leagues in Zambia, so they have their uniforms. The players all had pretty amazing skills and they played furiously. I soon found out that some players were actually playing with bare feet, but that didn’t affect the intensity of the game at all.

On my way back some, I saw some beautiful sunset lighting up the clouds, and juxtaposed among the trees. So I thought, what a world.

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